What Is A Sketch?

A sketch is a fast, immediate drawing, full of life and energy.  Sketches really work best at capturing an instant in time, like snapshot.  Unlike a snapshot however I try to catch the emotional resonance of the moment too.

Sketches are priced at $50, which includes up to two people within the sketch.  Additional people can be added, priced $25 each. Sketches can either be simple line drawings, or have one or two layers of tone, and a splash of colour only.

I work in extremely high definition, so sketches can easily be blown up to very large sizes.  Their monotoned nature makes them particularly striking when printed on canvas – but equally can be put on all manner of items, like throw pillows, blankets, clocks, phone cases. Pretty much anything you can think of really.

A Sketch Collection.

A sketch collection is as it sounds, a collection of sketches.  Sketch collections are a great way conveying a passage of time. If for example you wish to have three sketches of the same child at different ages of their lives – one gets a real feeling of their growth and maturing over the years, and yet still – all the images sit together nicely as one unified whole.

Alternatively, sketches can be combined with more detailed drawings – if, for instance, you wish to have a family portrait, with the parents in the centre as a drawing, and the children as sketches around them.

Please be in contact with me at Tzvi@Lebetkin.com to talk over your ideas. Coming up with new an innovative ideas is really the job of any artist, and I look forward to helping you realise your vision.