Drawings are detailed, considered works of art that work to present a holistic picture of the subjects. I’m not trying to just record what a person looks like, but far more importantly – the unique warmth of character as well.

Drawings are really special ways to record the essence of a person or relationship between people.  Each couple has their own unique way of loving one and other. Each individual person has their own unique essence, which is rarely caught in photography. That is the job of an artist Рto convey the personalities of their subjects, at that specific time and place in their lives.

Drawings start at $100 for an individual figure, or $200 for a couple. Each figure after that is an additional $50.

Drawing and Sketch Collections

These are really the best of both worlds, where one can combine the considered detail of a drawing, with the immediacy and energy of a sketch.

The great example of this is grandparents and grandchildren collections – where the grandparents sit in the centre, as a drawing, surrounded by sketches of all their grand children.

To see more about sketches, click here.

Please be in contact with me at Tzvi@Lebetkin.com to talk over your ideas. Coming up with new an innovative ideas is really the job of any artist, and I look forward to helping you realise your vision.