Bar-Bat Mitzvahs/ Comic Pages

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved comics books – which is what led me to become a maker of the funny books.

The truth is though that everybody loves comics and has a soft place in their heart for them. What better way for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah to truly stand out and be unique – but to have your own comic book cover starring your own child.

Or, it can be a gift for the child within all of us.  The commission I’m working on currently is a gift for a man who teaches bar mitzvah parshas – and a life long comics nerd!  We all know a few uber geeks in our lives (and HEY, I’m one!) who would just love this.

This is a very specialized style of art, and is priced at $500 for a full colour cover, with up to three people in it.

If you really want to do something special, you can have a 4 page mini adventure story made in addition, featuring the subject of the cover, and their family and friends.

This is priced at $2500+Printing+Shipping

(printing is $2.35 per copy, or $662 for 500 or $669 for 750, with the price dropping per copy for the greater number ordered.

Please be in contact with me at to talk over your ideas. Coming up with new an innovative ideas is really the job of any artist, and I look forward to helping you realise your vision.