The Process Of Making Your Artwork

All the artwork I do is hand drawn, digitally, directly into a computer using what’s called a graphics tablet and a pen. These portraits are not filters, but actual real drawings.

I work exclusively from photos, which means the high quality a photo, the better the likeness will be. Photos taken from most phones are fine to produce a good quality artwork.

Be warned, however – your artwork will look like the person in the picture you send me, so if the picture you send me has the person looking different from normal, or at a strange angle it will look less like the person does in real life.

Also, standing at a 3/4 angle generally makes people look a bit plumper in pictures, than in real life, and at a straight on angle one looks slimmer.

I often get asked if I can make someone look thinner and more glamorous than they generally look in real life – and yes I can, but the further we stray from the photo I have to work with, the less like the person the final picture will look like.

Hiring an creative professional

Being a freelance creative is scary, mainly because all art, be it drawing, writing or whatever is subjective, and the client can turn around at the end of the day and says it’s just no good.

Because of this, when hiring a creative is a two stage process.  The client has 100% control when selective the creative. He selects the creative who he feels can deliver him the product that he wants. So, the creative has to have a good resume of work to produce, and also have a good name of someone people are happy to work with. The creative then has 100% control, and must be paid provided he delivers the product he was hired to create.

This is the premise upon which every creative industry is based. The client is taking a gamble on the creative, if he delivers the work in a satisfactory manner or not. And the creative is taking a gamble on the client, if he will pay him or not.

Now, what I’m guaranteeing you, as a prospective client – is that I will deliver a professional product, that bares a close resemblance to whatever photographic material you send me. I can’t guarantee you will like it or not, because…well, you might be crazy.  I can say that I do work hard to maintain my very good professional reputation that I have built up over the last 20 years, and if you are dissatisfied for any reason, I will work with you to resolve the difficulty.


Generally the best way to pay me is via paypal (you don’t need a paypal account, just a credit card), which I’ll send you a link to pay with. If that’s not possible you can send me a check – just this does take longer as I have to wait for the check to arrive and funds to clear before I can start work.

Turn around time is one week from when I receive payment, and photographs (but I like to try and do no more then 3 days). If you need me to expedite your work, then that will incur a small additional fee.


How The Artwork is Actually produced


1. As I said, it all starts with a picture.


2. Next I do quite a detailed line drawing from the picture.


3. Step three is a do another drawing, this time using a dip, ink pen, with much harsher, bolder lines.


4. I then combine those two drawings on top of each other as layers.  This gives us a feeling of three dimensions, as we’re looking at the images simultaneously from two slightly different angles.



5. Next I add a few layers of transparent tones to and some depth and three dimensionality.



6. Nearly there – I add in a background, which helps sell the image a bit better.


7. Finally I do some digital jiggery pokery, and change some of the black tone layers to vibrant colours, which brings the picture alive.